This is a spoof of those old master card commercials.

This is the son of scan of a scanned scan, as someone made off with the original of this too. But for different reasons:

About two weeks after this one was published, I was called down to the Campus Activities office. I was figuring I was getting reimbursed for a club expense (still waiting for it you know).

However, when I get down there, it was the inquisition. “This is about your cartoon. We are probably going to get some calls about this asking us if we talked to you. Is everything ok? Are you planning something?…”

They thought I was planning to blow up the school!!! This was back in the day when school killing sprees were the “in” thing to do. A few things to note:

A – Where am I going to get Plutonium?
B – It was two weeks (TWO WEEKS) after the cartoon came out without one call, I doubt they were going to flood in at that point. Stick your head back up your a$$ and let the professionals get on with their work.

So, it goes without saying this is the best cartoon of all time, just for the fact that I got the administration quaking in their boots.