• The brief creation story of Day-To-Day.
  • Day-To-Day Presents?
  • How do you do it?
  • What is Day-To-Day?

    Day-To-Day officially began October 1999 in the pages of the Saint Peter’s Pauw Wow, the student’s newspaper of my alma mater. Those of you who follow the site should know this; it’s basically my Alamo or USS Maine. However unofficially it began back at Saint Paul’s, my old elementary school.

    My friends Gerard, Joseph, and Steven and myself often had pun wars. Basically we doodled in our notebooks doing plays on words and spoofing commercials.

    Fast forward past high school (please!!!!) and we enter 1999, my early years of college. Summer had come and I was home and bored. So, being the productive one, I decided to clean my closet… a rare endeavor up until that point. To spare the gory details of closet monsters and other dimensions, I stumbled upon some of these old puns and such.

    In these I saw potential; for a bad gag is a bad gag and will always get a groan no matter how old they may be. So, while passing the newspaper office one day, and seeing it was a neat place to hang out (or at least eat a Blimpie sub at lunch), I enlisted. Of course I had no idea what it would mean for the next three years (look someplace else for that saga, this is Day-To-Day’s story!).

    So what exactly is Day-To-Day right now? Well it’s a weekly comic updated Mondays. It has no set format. It could range from a single panel to, well, a tad larger. Mostly it keeps up the old format of one shot gags and such. However, as my insanity grows, so does the potential for Day-To-Day. Thus the soon coming Day-To-Day presents.

    Day-To-Day Presents?

    Every so often I come up with ideas that I know would never sustain as a weekly comic like Garden Party, When Fairy Tales Attack, and Nigh Hero. So being a nut for hierarchy and departmentalization, these semi-series will appear every so often either as one-shots themselves, or as mini series, and will eventually get their own pages… adding to the confusion.

    In other words, don’t worry about it, just click.

    How do you do Day-To-Day?

    A good question Billy. The day before the comic is to be updated, I wander around the house bored out of my mind until about 9PM and realize it’s Sunday. Then I run for my notebook and see if I came up with anything (good or indifferent) during the week. Usually not, but every once and while I do get lucky.

    Anyways, on too the drawing: I usually print out a template for myself so I don’t scrawl all over the page, about 550×330 pixels in size for most toons.

    Lately I have been doing it in pencil first. Back in the day I would just go to it on pen and let the lines fall where they may. But since I’m doing this for all existence to see, I might as well get a little professional. SEE WHAT I DO FOR YOU PEOPLE?

    I then ink (or draw outright) with the greatest pen in the world: a Pilot P-700 gel writer (affiliate link). The 0.5 nib is most desirable to use but hard to find, so I’ve learned to live with the 0.7 model. The only problem with this pen is it doesn’t like to draw over pencil, which means I have to do lines over twice or thrice. Other than that it’s really cool. They have a lot of ink. You’ll lose or eat it before it runs dry; I know I have.

    For black fills, I use a standard Sharpie marker, and grays I just blend pencil.

    From there, I scan at 300dpi grayscale, crop any unwanted areas, then resample down to the 550 pixels across (or whatever it may be at the time). It gives it a nice clear but fuzzy look.

    From there I Photoshop the rest like boxing in the whole shebang with the pencil tool or erasing any lines out of place.

    And there you have it, a completed Day-To-Day in less than 724 hours.

    With that said, on the Day-ToDay