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See I Told You So by Rush Limbaugh is, as defined by modern day terms, technically both political and historical.Firstly, in a historical sense, it documents the political climate in the United States at the dawning of Bill Clinton’s eight year presidential reign. It highlights, although admittedly biased towards Rush Limbaugh’s political opinion, desperation of the radical liberal wing of the Democratic Party. It also outlines the disorganization and want for leadership of the Republican Party after George H. Bush’s (the first President Bush) presidential defeat.

Secondly, in its political sense, it is an unabashed, conservative response to Bill Clinton winning the 1992 presidential election, and the left-leaning policies he intended to bring about during his term. Through most chapters, he dissects the short comings of various policies, from politically correctness to taxation, and prescribes right-wing answers to each.

Ratings and Rantings

As much as Rush Limbaugh is decidedly right-wing, so too is this, the book he compiles his ideas and solutions in. This is not to say that all Democrats or for that matter Liberal Democrats are vilified, old school liberals such as Huebert H. Humpherys (MN) is given an even hand where he is discussed. However, cultural and societal questions are deal with a starkly different approach than what you might find in one of Bill O’Reilly’s books. Whether or not you like O’Reilly’s approach over Limbaugh’s depends on where you stand in the political spectrum. It should be an obvious note, of course, that Limbaugh is much more partisan than is O’Reilly. In terms of message cohesiveness, the book is fairly point blank. There are a few chapters which deal with finance and taxation which are a bit grueling to sift through, but they plainly state the case he is trying to make. Overall, the book is worth a read, if for no other reason than you get a taste of how the champion of the right-wing views things. Effectively you walk away with ever you take out of it. I’ll give it a 5 out of 6 on the NWOt rating scale.


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