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Before I start I want to emphasize the fact that I’m not drunk; slightly impaired perhaps by a certain percentage of alcoholic toxins flowing through by blood stream, but not drunk. Anyhow, on to the review…

I’ve been playing Steel Panthers almost constantly since my last software review, The Age of Rifles. Not that it’s my favorite game mind you, and I have many a game to review before I’m done, but it is one which I tend to enjoy the most prowess in.

Steel Panthers is a World War II strategy game, which has scenarios and campaigns for both theaters (European and Pacific) of warfare, with the familiar capture-the-flag type control points. The scenarios allow one to play U.S./British against German, or, for the connoisseur of conflicts, the more obscure Russo-Finnish, "Winter War" battles as well as a whole slew of other campaigns and scenarios.

On top of the standard invasions and battles that history owns, you can create your own battles between two opponents whose armies never would have seen each other in combat in the 1940s. One such battle, my first, was between elements of the Chinese Army (which I controlled) and Greek Army (computer controlled). The map was a fairly urban environment, which meant I was able to take advantages of paved roads and streets. The end result was that, although the Greek Army had tanks which were eons better than the tanks used by China (both used U.S. weapons in the game) the computer poorly positioned them, and, although they were able to do considerable damage, by the time the got them working against me, it was too late. All victory points seized, one army in ruins the other, victorious.

8.5 Awesome

Steel Panthers has similar graphics to that of The Age of Rifles and similarly runs on MS-DOS. And why not? After all, the same company, SSI, puts them both out. Unlike Rifles, however, sound did work on my computer (that is it did before my sound card ceased to exist). Therefore I rate it 8 1/2 victorious Finnish Armies during the "Winter War" out of the possible 10 who-is-whats-ises I could have given it.


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