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One of the greatest things in life is a hand bilk pack of new CD-Rs. The other thing of course would be games that don’t have encryption on them to prevent bootleggers from… borrowing the information on one CD and placing it on another. Not saying that I, your humble, wholesome reviewer, cartoonist, extraordinaire would ever do something like that… just that that’s what I’ve been told. But let’s skip the legal schmutz and get to the game, a game of strategy and wit.

Every (if not most) major battle from 1845 up to 1905 can be played on The Age of Rifles from SSI. You can play a scenario, such as “203 Meter Hill” from the Russo-Japanese War with you friend or against the computer (here’s a hint: go with Japan). Or play a campaign, such as “The Soldier Queen” and expand the British Empire to its limits starting with the Sepoy Revolution (or lose it all and never get anywhere, depending on how good or bad your strategy is). It runs on DOS, but has been know to jam up if the computer runs too fast. I personally have been running it on MS-DOS without any problems, other than I can’t seem to get the sound to work.


6.0 Awesome

What time is it? That right kiddies! It's time for me to Drag out the NWOt's Rating Scale'O'Rama, and take it down another peg. Because the sound doesn't work and the graphics could be better: I bring forth to you the rating of: 6 Sepoy Revolutionaries routed by and ever advancing British offensive line.

  • Sepoy Revolutionaries 6

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