Xandor (the Misguided):

He stands 4’2″ and dreams of global conquest. Due to him being totally inept and insane, his poorly planned plots to take over go awry. His henchman, Bob, usually doesn’t help matters either. Xandor hails from Weenieville.


Bob The Rabid Lemming

His name is rather descriptive, as he is disease-riddled lemming named Bob. He has a habit of eating the cast of various strips and foiling Xandor, who he has taken as his master. He is quite insane, violent and disturbing.



A pathetic hero-rival attemptee of Xandor’s. He claimed “awesome powers” but never did much beyond the initial appearance due to Bob eating him.


Stanatos the Monkey

Xandor’s primate archrival. Much like Xandor, he too longs for global dominion, but is both too inept and insane to accomplish much. Also like Xandor, he too has a penchant for 19th century military uniforms and sabers. He is a main character and rival and therefore indestructible to Bob.


Son of Rye

Reoccurring son of the pathetic hero, Rye. Would occur more frequently, but he’s too much of a wimp and coward.


Redneck Grendel

Mythological Danish Monster that now in the countryside around Weenieville. Competes with Bob in devouring everyone on the planet. He is second only to Bob in his insanity.



3 eyed god of faulty vending machines. He is attempting to gain power over the universe via the neo-pagan movement and through the threat of vending machines that do not take dollar bills or give change. He is doomed like everyone else in this strip.