The Scottish Insults Wordsearch

Happy St. Andrew’s Day everyone. To celebrate we’ve rounded up some words you probably don’t want to hear whilst touristing the bonnie highlands…


2022 NWOt Christmas Craftdown

10 handmade, hand-chosen small buisiness, crafter and creator advent calendars and gifts for the Christmas season.

Screenshot from Amberian Dawn's Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! video

Metal ABBA Cover: Amberian Dawn – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Finnish symphonic metal band cover classic Swedish pop superstars in a merge of genres that seems like it wouldn’t work but does.


Post 4th of July Finger Checklist

If you’re able to participate in this week’s word search, chances are you’re good to go.


This Creator Perfectly Channeled the Spirit of “Who’s On First”

In a recent Tiktok, creator/writer/comedian/actor Kris Collins (aka @kallmekris), channels the spirit of the classic Abbot and Costello sketch “Who’s On First” in a swirl of word play and misnomers.


An Octet of Advent Calendars To Help Get Your Yule On – 2020

According to my Gregorian calendar it’s near December – which means we gotta start thinking about Advent calendars. I, though glad it being near the end of 2020, still thinks it April something. So lets split the difference and call this Christmas in July in November. Boom, new thing!


What to Get the Impossible to Shop For: A Calamari Wall Hanging

Artist ArtAkimbo had made a career sculpting surreal pieces including tentacles bursting from walls and disembodied nose eyeglass stands.


Review: Snowpiercer (The Series)

Set in the far flung future of a little while from now, everything that’s not working in today’s society is crammed onto train. What could go wrong?


Random Word Search 25

Your word search puzzle for May 28th, 2020.


Decisions, Decisions… Some Tools to Help Make Up Your Mind

The internet has made us scatterbrained, but also has got some tools to put us back on track.



The Scottish Insults Wordsearch


Post 4th of July Finger Checklist


Random Word Search 25


Random Word Search 24


01-09-2019 Word Search

Editorials and Columns

Otterz & Endz


Thoughts for Toys For Tots: Dollar Stores

A decent source of toys available in a pinch for a great cause.


The Great Paper Weigh In 2016

3lbs 8oz… How hefty is your newspaper this year? #TheGreatPaperWeighIn 2016 #thanksgiving #blackfriday A photo posted by The New World Otter (@newworldotter) on Nov 24, 2016 at 5:08am PST While most families are subject to Turkey Envy this year are competing chefs ask “How big’s Your bird?”, another holiday gets taken for granted as it’s…

Ask Mr. Eccentric


A Cure For Cabin Fever

What to do if you’re home sick and stumble across a rift in space time? Mr. E has an answer.


Naughty or Nice: Who Can Say?

Dear Mister Eccentric, How can Santa really know if I’ve been naughty or nice? I don’t believe he can! – Little Albert Trundle…