10 Advent Calendars To Help Get Your Yule On - 2017


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6) Advent Calendar Chocolate Sweet Man

Number six is definitely unique… and an advent calendar. AND it has chocolate. So it counts! This guy looks like something you might encounter / turn into if you don’t pace yourself with entry number 5.

This one ships from Germany from the Etsy shop subulastore, whose art looks like a cross between Tim Burton and Edward Gorey. Actually I rather dig it. Too bad we just missed Halloween.

7) Igloo Advent Calendar

Igloo Advent Calendar - PICAPICApapercrafts

Igloo Advent Calendar – PICAPICApapercrafts

Let’s move to the other side of the spectrum – from PICAPICApapercrafts it’s cute penguins! Most assembly required:

Make your very own ‘Igloo Advent Calendar!’ Comes with penguins and trees. A fun project to make to get you into the Christmas spirit!… The igloo is easy to make and is made up of 26 little boxes. Instructions show the easiest way to assemble the igloo along with the penguins & trees. When complete you can fill up with sweets and candy ready for December. The final igloo measures 6.5” x 3.”

8) Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar



VermontChristmas creates an array of adorable plush calendars, with days represented by cloth figures to be Velcroed to a corresponding scene (such as the Nativity or Noah’s Ark).

9) Father Christmas Down the Chimney

Santa Down the Chimney - DesnoirsEmporium

Santa Down the Chimney – DesnoirsEmporium

This interactive calendar from DesnoirsEmporium has got 24 pegs going down the length of the chimney with ole’ St. Nick at the top. Removing a peg each day drops him down closer and closer to the big day. Just do him a favor and pull out the fire before he gets down all the way.

Welcome Christmas into your home with this beautiful advent calendar. You place Father Christmas in the top at the beginning of December and take out one of the numbers each day until you reach Christmas day.

10) Acts of Kindness printable Advent Calendar

FaffyTea Envelope Calendar

FaffyTea Envelope Calendar

So Christmas is all well and good with the Santas and the candies and the what-not. Shop FaffyTea has got a calendar set though that will inspire the youngins with the true spirit of Christmas… or at least get them off the naughty list.

This printable PDF project sets up 24 envelopes with 24 random acts of kindness to help end the year on a do-gooding note!

Cards include:
– Pick up a piece of trash from the sidewalk and throw it away
– Write an uplifting note and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find
– Let somebody waiting in line go ahead of you

They say it takes 22 days to make new good habit, 24 even better… all in time for resolution season!

Wrap It Up

Well that’s this year’s Craft Down of Advent calendars! There are many more crafty people making calendars on Etsy if you didn’t see any that struck your fancy, as some from last year are still available. So check it out and support the small business / handy type people out there.

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