Death in the Valley of the Ants


Death in the Valley of the Ants
by Ray Macula

There is a valley of rock and sand,
Arid and dusty is this land.
From towers of dirt do they emanate,
For the Royal’s Command do they emigrate.
Their name is ‘Legion’ for they are many,
Of one mind from worker to sentry.
In the Deep and Dark the Royal commands,
For food they travel to distant lands.
Neither wing, nor speed, nor branch, nor rock,
Will impede this ravenous stock.
Upon the Dead they do feed,
For a meal this easy,
Is sure to please,
And their bellies they’ll not need to squeeze.
But in the Kingdom there lands an unfortunate,
“Food!” commands the Royal, and so they eviscerate.
Arms and legs are torn apart,
As well as all the other body parts.
The Dark of the Depths beckons for more,
And this fresh meat they’ll not bother to store.


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