I Am Azrael, Bringer of Doom


I Am Azrael, Bringer of Doom
by Ray Macula

By the Holy Imam I am called, “Azrael.”
A servant of humanity of the Highest Order,
For the broken and worn down I finalize their slaughter.
I am the friend of the new,
For I keep the world vibrant and healthy for you.
I have nothing but compassion for the old and the sick,
As I try to eliminate their pain relatively quick.
Speak not of me malice or of hate,
I simply am here to remove the dead weight.
I wish no thank, I bear no wrath, don’t bother to resist,
Simply try to understand that you’re no longer fit to exist.
Your time has passed, you can move on at last.

In a year you’ll be forgotten by all
save me, your buddy, Mr. Death Deliverer of Souls.
And to those I haven’t met,
do not fret.
I’ll be seeing you soon,
For I am Azrael Bringer of Doom.


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