Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 – Teaser

By Ryan Livingston / December 6, 2016 /

Lookin’ good so far! Due out in theaters may 2017. I like that they’re keeping the classic rock soundtrack. That’s Sweet doing Fox on the Run, for all you youngins and non retro-y types. Go a head and check them out… you’ve got 6 months to kill anyway.

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The Dark Knight

By Ryan Livingston / July 20, 2008 / Comments Off on The Dark Knight

Hype… things get hyped up… a lot. Just look at sliced bread… it’s the paradigm standard we hold everything to. “Is such and such better than it?” Yet by itself nothing to look at. What does this have anything to do with The Dark Knight? Absolutely nothing. However when a film like this comes about,…

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Lord of War

By Ray Macula / March 9, 2006 /

A New Nicholas Cage? I’ve seen a good number of Nicholas Cage’s films in my day, most left me wondering exactly who in their right mind would cough up 10 cents to produce those stinkers. There were exceptions, of course; “Con Air” comes to mind, as does “Gone in 60 Seconds” but most were just…

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The Constant Gardner

By Ray Macula / March 8, 2006 /

The Constant Gardner: Or Convoluted Plots and Non-sequential Story Lines Aren’t Just For Quentin Tarantino Anymore! Not Something To Watch On A Mixture Of Alcohol And Pain Relievers No, No. I know what you’re thinking, but no I was completely sober when I watched it. Promise. However, I thought I’d put up that title as…

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By Ryan Livingston / October 4, 2005 /

Travel back in time to 2002: A bold new show premiered on FOX. After only 13 out-of-order episodes (the pilot show last), the plug was pulled. The show was Firefly. Three years later – redemption. Universal bought the rights after record DVD preorder numbers and gave the show’s creator, Joss Whedon, the greenlight to make…

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