Good News For People Who Like Bad News

By Ryan Livingston / February 11, 2005 /

I only heard of Modest Mouse recently, much like most of America I’m sure. They’ve been around for some time and making at least ten albums; however, they traveled the independent circuit thrusting them into underground obscurity. It’s a shame really, because if Good News For People Who Love Bad News is any example of…

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Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand

By Ryan Livingston / November 3, 2004 /

When a new band comes out you hate to compare it to other music; it tends to take something away by giving the impression that the new band is not so new. Well, the following does not imply that Franz Ferdinand is the same old thing (far from it): This group’s is the new Talking…

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Phillip Hole – The Singing Gravedigger

By Ryan Livingston / January 9, 2004 /

Phillip Hole not only tickles the funny bone, but also stirs up emotions and the imagination.

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