The A&E Beat

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

By Ray Macula / November 12, 2002 /

Oedekerk is “The Chosen One” the only person who can stand up to and defeat Betty, the evil Master Pain. Betty is the servant of the Evil Council, a group of French aliens that fly around in pyramids and are based out of Paris, with plans for global conquest.

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The Four Feathers (2002)

By Ray Macula / October 6, 2002 /

A soldier’s fear of cowardice essentially lands him in hot water with his friends and fiancée. From this he sets off to make things right and prove he’s not a coward, or die trying. After that, as typical of Hollywood, they make drastic and sweeping changes.

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The UltraCade

By Ryan Livingston / July 22, 2002 /

Retro gaming in a candy colored cabinet.

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Men In Black II

By Ryan Livingston / July 8, 2002 /

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back in action for a typical sequel.

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