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12 Unique Advent Calendars To Get Your Yule On

By Ryan Livingston / December 1, 2016 /

Christmas came out of the clear blue like a granny seeking reindeer! I hope you’ve got an advent calendar in place to help keep you on track.

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You Too Can Own Your Own Westworld

By Ryan Livingston / November 29, 2016 /

Christmas is coming… And, invariably, the question arises, “What do you get the person who didn’t tell me what they want?”

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#GivingTuesday 2016 – A Worldwide Philanthropic Movement

By Ryan Livingston / November 27, 2016 /

Made it though Black Friday? Survived Cyber Monday? Then truly give thanks by giving back with #GivingTuseday! The global day of philanthropy.

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And You Think Printer Ink is Expensive Now?

By Ryan Livingston / January 13, 2011 /

We all know that most famous of Star Trek lines… no, not “make it so.” No, not “damnit Jim I’m an -insertsomethinghere-” I mean: Tea. Earl Grey, hot. The favorite replicated beverage of Capt. Picard. Well, the technology to synthesize our favorite foods and drinks is on the way. According to the BBC news: “The…

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The Green Office

By Ryan Livingston / April 22, 2010 /

Well, we all know that C.E.O.s want more greenery in their office, whether it be the almighty dollar or just a nifty little putting space in corner. But, in honor of Earth Day, let’s talk about non-decadent green – environmentally correct office products! Here’s just a small smattering of what’s out there

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