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Just Watch This

By Ryan Livingston / August 14, 2008 / Comments Off on Just Watch This

This is a video everyone needs to watch. It’s Clay Shirky at the Web 2.0 Expo SF 2008 giving a speech about “Cognitive Surplus” and what we can do with all our wasted time.

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Technically Sneaking…

By Ryan Livingston / August 16, 2004 /

Love (and all it’s sub species) is a many splintered thing. And, no matter where it happens or who is involved, it’s weird. This is especially true when it’s reported on, and especially-especially true when there’s money to be had. Can Turn on a Dime It has been reported that the working girl community of…

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Science Round-Up, 2/2/04

By Ryan Livingston / February 2, 2004 /

Making War Zones Pretty Again – Reference BBC News This week, scientists have come up with a plant the can detect the presence of landmines. Plants developed by Copenhagen firm Aresa Biodetection are said to turn from green to red when they come in contact with explosives in the soil. This follows in the footsteps…

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Those Darn Celebrities 01/07/03

By Ryan Livingston / January 7, 2004 /

Popped Idle At last, at long last, we may have found the straw that’ll collapse the celebrity world in on itself. People with sense in their heads cheered as 20something teen sensation Britney Spears got married to a childhood friend as a gag, knowing that this may be jolt the public consciousness needs to realize…

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Science Round-up 11/13/03

By Ryan Livingston / November 13, 2003 /

Taking Face Face Transplants Now Possible – BBC News / Clipped Article Quothe the article – “The prospect of transplanting a face from a dead person to another living person was first raised by plastic surgeons one year ago. (BBC News)” And so it is done, and in only one years time. Wow, who knew…

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