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I’m Mildly Insightful… What Do You Do?

By Ryan Livingston / September 8, 2006 /

There is a term in communication theory known as phatic communication, coined by Roman Jakobson (and I only mention his name because it looks good in search engines). Basically this is any word or phrase meant to initiate communication or keep channels open. Less academically speaking, any pointless speech to get the ball rolling. Simply…

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R.I.P. Ray Macula

By Ryan Livingston / June 18, 2006 / Comments Off on R.I.P. Ray Macula

The official place for the memorial page is here now. -7/24/06 I just found out that my best friend is dead. I hadn’t heard anything from him in over a month. Normally that wouldn’t have seemed odd since he moved to the middle of Wyoming. However, lately he’d been on instant messenger talking a blue…

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How Money Loses Its Fools

By Ryan Livingston / April 5, 2006 /

or Extended Tales of Poor Customer Service or or This is the Last One of These, I Swear On walking towards the store one Saturday morn I noticed, on the corner across from my store, a tattered man with equally tattered clothing. Besides him stood an eight foot tall picket sign. As the signs on…

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Combating the Hordes

By Ryan Livingston / March 27, 2006 /

or Further Tales of Poor Customer Service or or Which is worse: The Deal Hunters or Deal Makers? The Deal Hunters: At work I wear tan pants, a navy blue shirt and a radio on my belt with a speaker welded to my ear. I carry around a large black plastic label gun and what…

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Tales of Poor Customer Service

By Ryan Livingston / March 2, 2006 /

…or How Logic Confounds the Common Consumer Some time ago I announced I was employed. And, for the past year, I have learned a new skill – holding my tongue. I had to hold my tongue about the buying public, and I had to hold my tongue about my corporate overlords. Well, a year to…

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