Introductions, Introductions…

To begin with, there are, as of 8/15/02, twenty Dementia World episodes (hopefully, too be succeeded by several thousand more… I hope, I hope). Only seven (with the possibility of an eighth in this Sept.) have ever made it to print in the Pauw Wow, the college newspaper of Saint Peter’s College…Yes, I’m aware of how redundant that just sounded.

Of the seven episodes, which have gone to print, only one has been lost and is, for all intents and purposes, a casualty of History. I’m sure History will get over this devastating loss very soon. During Dementia World’s two season run, I spent most of my time wasting space, watching TV, drinking and burning cds, and playing Tetris. This left me with little time to keep on schedule for the articles and cartoons I submitted for print, thus my usual tactic was to draw several one night (enough for about 8-9 consecutive newspapers) and go back to slacking off.

The effort as it turned out, was kind of wasted since, due to the off beat printing schedule, only seven papers were ever released. This meant that only a few cartoons could be slated for print, while I held the others in reserve for bigger and better things, namely this Internet site. Which brings us to the present, it’s been decided that until either hell freezes- err- I mean traffic on the New World Otter increases or, cartooning production can be increased, Dementia World will be a weekly cartoon. So if you care, show up here every Wednesday and there’ll be a new one. If you miss a week, that’s fine, you can catch up on the one you missed in the archives section.

Dementia World’s origins are quite simple, they’ve been lurking in the gloomy nightmare I call a subconscious. However, I must put credit where credit is due, for I was first exposed to the single panel weirdo-guy cartoon through the Great Gary Larson in his masterpiece, The Far Side. Ever since, I’ve been slowly putting together little frames of life in a demented world of which, Dementia World is the culmination. However, there are remote times which, I have and probably will continue to utilize it as a platform for political commentary.

Thus with out further stalling, I give you Dementia World.

(PS. If you’re reading this Mr. Larson, I can only say, please, please please please don’t sue my ass, I beg of you).