Fortnight Tonight - 06-08-2006


Note/Disclaimer: 11-18-2016 – Hi. 🙂 These episodes have been “remastered” and reposted for the sake of completeness. Listen to my monotone mouth-breathing delivery at your own risk. Fortnight Tonight ran bi-weekly in theory from 2005-2006, but in practice only had 6 episodes. You can do the maths. Opinions expressed in these episodes have probably evolved. -Ryan

Welcome to a very special edition of Fortnight Tonight. Special, because there is one. ha HA!

I’m feeling lazy today, so come up with your own damn show notes.

Just kidding…

• Bonds Home Run (Bloomberg)
• Throw it Back (Throw It back Houston)


My heresy:
New Testament Apocrypha

The Mage Show

And that bit that doesn’t belong is from Haredevil Hare (Chuck Jones, 1948).


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