Fortnight Tonight - 11-04-2005


Note/Disclaimer: 11-18-2016 – Hi. 🙂 These episodes have been “remastered” and reposted for the sake of completeness. Listen to my monotone mouth-breathing delivery at your own risk. Fortnight Tonight ran bi-weekly in theory from 2005-2006, but in practice only had 6 episodes. You can do the maths. Opinions expressed in these episodes have probably evolved. -Ryan

I’m so glad no one listens to this thing, that way I can keep it as poorly produced as I like!
On to some notes:

• Scott Dyleski: The “Goth” murderer – FOX news – please, he has too much ambition for that lable. Hold your angry letters please… numbers too.

• Green Peace runs amuck/ground – MSNBC

• Dr. Hubble must be proud – Photonics .com – Seriously, they want to scrap this thing? It’s up there, it’s doin’ good… just leave it.

• Google Books

• Walmart Health thingy


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