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From CBS Sunday Morning 01-24-2017, Luke Burbank profiles The Oregon Public House – a pub / restaurant in Portland, Oregon, that gives the profits from your meal to a charity of your choosing. Pick you meal, pick your drink then pick a charity from a rotating menu.

Since May of 2013, they’ve raised over $120,000 for various good causes!

In 2014, founder Ryan Saari gave a TEDx talk called Have a pint — Change the World, chronicling the beginnings of this venture:

This is a pretty dynamite business model. And while it’s rather unique in that you get to choose your charity like a guilt-free dessert, there are other restaurants out there that give back. The Buzzfeed article 10 Restaurants With a Cause feature 9 other worthwhile dining options along with the Oregon Public House.

Also noted in the CBS piece is the Ex Novo Brewing Co. (also in Portland) which is a non-profit brewery, which is expanding it’s market and says it’s on the way to donating near half a million dollars by 2020.

For more information and to connect with the Oregon Public House:

Post Image Beer Picture via / patryk specjal / and Oregon Public House logo via their Facebook Page


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