The Samsara of Ham On Rye

To find the true meaning of the universe, one must ponder their bowl of cereal. Of course, you may consult the toast, but you will not get the stock quotes on the 3’s. With this, one will discover two things: The first is that the chickens are not what they seem. No, they are in…


And So It Begins

I guess there is no other way to kick off this thing then rambling on and on and on… One day I was a passing this old barn, ya see, and the old farmer (I assume he was and old farmer… who else would own an old barn?) came out of nowhere (which is a…


The Four Feathers (2002)

A soldier’s fear of cowardice essentially lands him in hot water with his friends and fiancée. From this he sets off to make things right and prove he’s not a coward, or die trying. After that, as typical of Hollywood, they make drastic and sweeping changes.


The UltraCade

Retro gaming in a candy colored cabinet.


Men In Black II

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back in action for a typical sequel.



The Scottish Insults Wordsearch


Post 4th of July Finger Checklist


Random Word Search 25


Random Word Search 24


01-09-2019 Word Search

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Otterz & Endz


Thoughts for Toys For Tots: Dollar Stores

A decent source of toys available in a pinch for a great cause.


The Great Paper Weigh In 2016

3lbs 8oz… How hefty is your newspaper this year? #TheGreatPaperWeighIn 2016 #thanksgiving #blackfriday A photo posted by The New World Otter (@newworldotter) on Nov 24, 2016 at 5:08am PST While most families are subject to Turkey Envy this year are competing chefs ask “How big’s Your bird?”, another holiday gets taken for granted as it’s…

Ask Mr. Eccentric


A Cure For Cabin Fever

What to do if you’re home sick and stumble across a rift in space time? Mr. E has an answer.


Naughty or Nice: Who Can Say?

Dear Mister Eccentric, How can Santa really know if I’ve been naughty or nice? I don’t believe he can! – Little Albert Trundle…