The Samsara of Ham On Rye


To find the true meaning of the universe, one must ponder their bowl of cereal. Of course, you may consult the toast, but you will not get the stock quotes on the 3’s.

With this, one will discover two things:

The first is that the chickens are not what they seem. No, they are in fact owls.

The second is the secret of can openers… There is no secret really, just keep your eye on the ball and swing. Of course, if your can slices – its’ home fries for you opponent. If you get hit by a pitch, however, then you must consult the cereal, which starts the cycle over and over again.

Thus the Samsara of Ham On Rye…

If you are Kosher, this is all moot…. Kosher people must be aware of the Kuggle Chaos Theory: Which states that the potatoes will rise against the proletariat, who they themselves are rising in the east and setting in the north.

Many years ago I preached to chat rooms about the Samsara, but no one listened then. See what has happened since! Think about it…


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Ryan Livingston

Ryan is an artist / writer out of Melbourne, FL.

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